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My weekly blog is a space where I share information that might be of interest to instructional coaches who are working with teachers during these changing times in education.  I share some of my own ideas about coaching and link you to others’ ideas that you might find useful or thought-provoking.  You can check out the blog and subscribe here (check out older posts for descriptions of the GIR Coaching Model):

The Gradual Increase of Responsibility (GIR) Coaching Model is an adaptation of Pearson and Gallagher’s Gradual Release of Responsibility model, which you’ve probably read about and used.  Like the Gradual Release of Responsibility Model, the GIR model for coaching and mentoring shows how support changes over time.  Just like in teaching, one size does not fit all when it comes to instructional coaching.  And coaching should change as teachers increase in confidence and competence. These changes are reflected in the GIR model.  The research-developed GIR Coaching Model is an effective model for instructional change that has been studied in a variety of contexts. Find out more about the GIR Coaching Model in these publications:

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