“Applause is a celebration not only of the actors but also of the audience.  It constitutes a shared moment of delight.”

John Charles Polanyi

At the close of a school year, we often take time to express our delight about positive outcomes.  We cheer the growth of students, applaud the hard work of teachers, and rejoice together over our shared successes. Here are a few ways you can give teachers a positive send-off:

Verbal praise is an easy way to celebrate success.  Acknowledging the goal and the actions that contributed to success encourages ongoing use of effective practices.

Writing a note leaves lasting evidence that a teacher’s effort is recognized. We can capture a “shared moment of delight,” giving specifics about what we noticed and appreciated.  A personal note warms the heart!

Public acknowledgement of a job well done boosts teachers’ confidence.  When talk in the teachers’ lounge includes recognition of teaching strengths or outcomes, it lifts the spirit and boosts energy for the work.

Social Sharing is another way to acknowledge success.  Post videosto celebrate a job well done.  Teachers glow when their students’ work is highlighted.  This could be a magical whole group discussion or student presentations of their unit projects. Social sharing publicly recognizes the good things that are happening.  

Celebrating the triumphs, both large and small, leads to even more success.  To rephrase the words of Rita Pierson, “Every teacher needs a champion.”  Whether your school year just ended or is drawing to a close, consider how you will acknowledge effective effort. As we finish this year and dream about the next, let’s continue looking for ways to celebrate success!


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